Adi Da Samraj


The Spiritual Teacher, Avatar Adi Da Samraj is the source of inspiration for this incense. He was personally involved in the selection process for the ingredients and its formulation. 





Avatar Adi Da Samraj devoted his human life (1939-2008) to revealing and establishing a means for all human beings to discover the ultimate nature of reality, which he describes as Conscious Light, or the “Bright”.

Avatar Adi Da communicated the “Bright” not just through words or philosophy, but by his direct spiritual transmission of It. 

"Avatar" (from Sanskrit "avatara") is a traditional Eastern term for divine incarnation. It literally means `'one who has descended, or 'crossed down' (from the immaterial divine conscious state into this causal universe) and appears as an ordinary human .

One way of describing his realised state is "Prior Unity". And this is the gift He offers to everyone. 


From Adi Da's dialogue with devotees in 1996, the following is an extract from: "The Pleasure Dome Is Organized Water" 

"The Pleasure Dome, including everything of temple, and rightness of life, must be the context of human life. It must be the “home”, so to speak, of daily existence, from which you enter into the course of daily activity or service – as you may be required to enter into the general circumstance of human activities, the public or social world, from day to day, to one degree or another. But each day entering into it, you should step out of the door of your Pleasure Dome, and go and do business in the world, knowing that you have something to preserve, something you would not have be violated, something you would not have be destroyed, by anything that occurs in the public, social, and political domain.

If you don’t have any Pleasure Dome, you have nothing to protect, nothing to preserve, nothing to serve, nothing to perpetuate that makes any difference whatsoever. The content of mere social and political life is reduced to godlessness, “self-possession”, materiality, gross ordinariness, mere organism concerns, mere survival concerns. Surviving for what purpose? What is there that must survive? It’s the Pleasure-Dome context of life that must survive. The core of life must be preserved as a Pleasure Dome – of everything sacred, everything most profound, everything most intimate. The entire environment of the heart is the Pleasure Dome".

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