Our Incense

Adi Da Rasa incense is the pure oils incense brand developed in India by the spiritual community of Adidam. It is sold by us under licence and is available to be purchased via this site by any person or retailer.

Each of the four fragrances was created, blended and named under guidance from Adi Da Samraj. 

There are 20 incense sticks in each box. And the average burn time for a stick is 54 minutes. 

(The cost for each box of incense includes postage). 


Holy Cat

Our most popular incense. Adi Da chose this name in honour of his first teacher, Robert the cat. (See photo below). This is a beautiful, all natural incense. An intricate yet intense formula with the intention of harmonising all the energy centres of the body.

Adi Da chose this name in honour of his first teacher, Robert the cat. 

"I had known a Guru of a certain kind for two years. He was my cat, Robert... Robert himself was nothing less to me than my best friend and mentor. He was more, not less, than human to me...And he communicated with me so directly that I was always disarmed... And I loved him as deeply as the universe itself".  

(Extract from the first few pages of chapter 6 'The Passage To The Guru' in 'The Knee Of Listening'.) Copyright.


Adi Da's first Guru, Robert the cat image




A unique blend that calms, relaxes, and purifies the body-mind. Sandalwood incense has long been used with this specific intention. The aroma from this incense penetrates through a room, creating a lovely woody, grounding ambiance.


Burning incense sticks image



Avabhasa Rose

Avabhasa Rose literally means, The 'Bright' Rose. “Avabhasa” in Sanskrit means “brightness”, “lustre”, “light” and “knowledge”.

There are 22 ingredients in the Rose incense. It is a formula that is specific only to Adidam. It is deeply penetrating and sweet subtle aroma, appropriate for all occasions. It has been a favourite amongst meditators for the calm and gentle floral aspect.

Brian: "For me personally a favourite incense has often been my choice of Avabhasa Rose. I find that even without lighting it, its fragrance alone is very pleasing and benign. The strength of smell lasts a long time, so often I burn it for just a few minutes, which means they last a long time. Furthermore, you can always tell its of the highest quality because the burning ash always remains intact, unlike cheaper one's that just fall off as it burns". 


                                                     Burning incense stick with rose image


 Da Sangha

"Sangha" means spiritual community. This incense has a formula designed to stimulate the root chakras of the body-mind. An intense aroma, good for gatherings, meditation. 

This rich masala bouquet makes a wonderful accompaniment to contemplative occasions of all kinds.



Adi Da with his sangha of devotees image


They all sound good?. Not sure which one to choose?. Well luckily we have created the SAMPLER pack which allows you to try them all!. A perfect way to find your favourite Adi Da Rasa Incense scent. This sampler box contains five sticks of each of our four exquisite varieties. (Avabhasa Rose, Sandalwood Rasa, Da Sangha and Holy Cat). This is also a great gift for loved ones and friends.


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