James: "A natural and pure incense with a divine aroma. There is something exceptional about the incense, it takes mind to a very peaceful place". 


Laura: "Using this incense is to luxuriate at the feet of the Divine Guru. The smell of this incense evokes India and deep peace and joy and love. I highly recommend it".



Jym: "Living in Ireland, the incense is hard enough to get... i just didn't have any of it for a few years. I got some recently and the first meditation brought me instantly to all the places I have ever been to do with Da. Hot wooden huts in Fiji, Large rooms in the forested hills in California, outdoor occasions filled with His siddhi. It just dissolved me in every bit of time spent being aware of His presence. It is just the finest and richest of smells, having spent a while trying to find a replacement, i gotta say, there is none!". (https://www.fidgetfeet.com/)


Sylvia: "This very natural incense has various scents to suit different moods, so relaxing. Enjoy".



Alex: "I have found the incense to be the best quality and has a real authentic and natural smell. I have tried many more but have not been comparable in this respect. The odour changes the atmosphere in the room in a very positive way i found".


Keith: "I hate some of the crappy incense that has been around for years, so wishy washy. Finally, a great incense that smells good and is so evocative of all that is truly mysterious". 



Fi: "The most luxurious incense I have ever used. Smooth with beautiful fragrances . Not overpowering or smoky".


Fraser: "Adi Da Rasa incense is quite simply the best incense I have ever tried. It has no artificial perfume, just real flowers and herbs, hand rolled in India. It is truly magnificent incense, every scent is unique. My personal favourite is Holy Cat"


Kate: "One of my close friends shared the company with me www.incensebliss.com, my only regret is that I didn’t find Gavin sooner! Not only is the incense the best I have ever found the customer experience is amazing! The incense are just fantastic, my favourites are Holy Ca and Rose but they are all beautiful. Kate x"


Brian: "For me personally a favourite incense has often been my choice of Avabhasa Rose. I find that even without lighting it, its fragrance alone is very pleasing and benign. The strength of smell lasts a long time, so often I burn it for just a few minutes, which means they last a long time. Furthermore, you can always tell its of the highest quality because the burning ash always remains intact, unlike cheaper one's that just fall off as it burns". 


Jane: "My very first contact with Avatar Adi Da happened when, having bought a box of incense, I began reading the enclosed leaflet. What I read resonated deeply and I was moved to contacted the London Adidam Centre shortly thereafter to make an appointment. Soon after that meeting I joined a course to learn more about Avatar Adi Da, and have been a devotee for nearly 20 years. And it all started with a box of Holy Cat Incense"!. 


Kay: "Best incense, long lasting, exquisite aroma". 


"I know I mentioned before but they are the best! Guys order yours from Adi Da Rasa".


"Thank you so much, I did receive the beautiful incense!. We look forward to ordering from you in the future! Many thanks".


Lisa: "Just wanted to let you know that my sampler set has arrived, thank you. 
I also wanted to say how wonderful the incense is. 
The perfumes are divine, the sticks are not smokey and each one burns for a long time. Their perfume remains long after the stick has finished burning. 
Regards Lisa". 


Claudia De Grandi: "I love using these incenses to help prepare the ambient for meditation and or relaxation - the fragrance is gentle and uplifting for the body and the mind." Claudia De Grandi


Malec: "A pure and unique fragrance that is deeply calming. Its qualities linger peacefully. I use it in all my environments and especially where I meditate. It is deeply relaxing and embracing at heart"


 Orlea: Adi Da Rasa incense is by far my favourite incense. The scents are really the best that I have ever smelled form an incense, and they are made from all natural ingredients. When you burn the sticks, you can just tell that they are of a high quality. My favourite scents are Sandalwood and The "Bright" Rose. 


Tamsin: “I love all the incense's they are such beautiful smells. I bought each fragrance and now on my second round because I have used them all and love them".