Adi Da Samraj created art for over 40 years. In his later works, he combined digital technology with photographic and hand-drawn elements, producing sophisticated images that are boldly colored, powerfully structured, and monumental in scale. Since emerging on the international art scene at the 2007 Venice Biennale, Adi Da’s art has consistently drawn broad critical acclaim.



Fear-No-More Zoo is an enjoyable and unique environment where all can learn about our sacred connection to the natural world.  Non-human residents at these sanctuaries include a herd of Bactrian camels, horses, llamas, and more.  These non-humans live in a conscious, sacred circumstance where they are free to live their lives in safety and love.

This youtube channel celebrates Adi Da Samraj — unique spiritual realizer, teacher, author and artist. Adi Da Samraj devoted His life establishing the means whereby all human beings can realize the ultimate Truth — what He called the "Bright" or the Indivisible Reality in which we all appear.


Conscious Light offers a penetrating glimpse into the remarkable life and enlightened teachings of Avatar Adi Da Samraj and his work to establish a way of ultimate spiritual realization for everyone. It draws on extensive archival film, photography, and audio recordings, as well as interviews with students who lived with Avatar Adi Da and continue to practice the way that he revealed.

/ Winner of the Audience Choice Award for Documentary at the 2018 Awareness Film Festival in Los Angeles, CA.


Whether you are approaching your own death, facing the death of a loved-one, or are simply in need of understanding the purpose of this brief and mortal life, you will find in the pages of Easy Death a most extraordinary and unique Help — Real Help, not mere consolation or impermanent philosophy, given in the Wisdom, and in the human Form, of Avatar Adi Da Samraj

" is a confirmation that a life
filled with love instead of fear
can lead to ultimately
meaningful life and death.

"Thank you for this masterpiece." – Elisabeth Kubler Ross, M.D.
author, On Death and Dying

In this book, Adi Da speaks to the necessity of re-establishing human civilization based on principles of mutual trust, cooperation, tolerance, “prior unity”, and the limitless participation of all humankind in transforming its own destiny.

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Fraser created something raw, gluten free, vegan, paleo, containing nothing refined, no additives or preservatives or colours (obviously), with a hand-made feeling, organic and containing no grain - just wholesome delicious products blended with amazing superfoods like raw cacao, lucuma & maca. Just like nature intended.

The ethos behind Master Foody Moody's is cooperation not corporation and is a community based venture aiming to be an integral part of the local community not only to bring people healthy quality plant based foods, but also education and wisdom about diet, spiritual growth and self understanding.